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Parents can enroll their children any time during the year. We have limited availability for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. We offer full-day, half day mornings and half-day afternoon for 5 days a week. On a limited basis, we offer 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week as well. We do not bind parents under a long term contract. However, we do require a 30 day advance notice based on calendar month. This helps waitlisted parents plan better for their children. From time to time, we may offer longer term discounted contracts to parents if tuition is prepaid. Please call us to discuss.


Please consult with the Director at the time of enrollment. We offer a 10% sibling discount for full-time enrollments. Two children from the same parents will receive a 10% discount for the second child only. Parents must be in good standing on previous payments of amounts due to continue to receive any discounts. In addition, we offer incentives from time to time for parents who would like to prepay tuition in advance for 3 or more months. The current promotion is usually displayed on the postcard you may have received in mail or on our website.

Financial Aid

We offer reduced rates for income qualifying families through NORWESCAP Child and Family Services. To find out if you qualify please contact NORWESCAP at or call them at (973) 383-3461 or email them at

Late Payment

Payment is due on the 1st of each month or the next first business day when school is open. At our option, we may offer a grace period of 2 business days to parents with good standing on previous payments of amounts due. If payment is made up to 3 business days after the grace period we will charge you a $35.00 late fee for the period. At any time during the late payment period, we reserve the right to terminate care immediately. We reserve the right to terminate care without notice if parents are repeatedly late in making tuition payments. You will still be responsible to pay for the entire contractual period of 30 days. For example, a payment due on the Monday - 1st can be made by the Wednesday - 3rd without penalty by parents in good standing. If payment is made between Thursday and next Monday, there will be a late penalty charge of $35.

If payments obligations are not met when due, the parents are responsible for all collection, including reasonable attorney fees, whether or not a lawsuit is started as a part of the collection process.

Bounced Check / NSF

A fee of $35 will be imposed for a bounced check. In addition, a late fee will apply until your new payment arrives.

Swimming Pool

Our on-campus swimming pool may be available for enrolled children when the pool is open and is separately paid for by enrolled children. Pool activities are optional. We limit the hours around the pool as we are not a pool-only summer childcare center. Pool may generally open during specific summer hours only. Our monthly tuition does not include access to the pool. We will levy a nominal charge ($40-$50/week/child but subject to change without notice herein) to enrolled children who are interested if pool is open during summer. Please contact the Director at the time of enrollment or prior to summer schedule to learn more about our on-campus facilities. We reserve the right to close the pool at any time.


Our school is open only during the specified hours. We encourage parents to pick up their children on time. We will impose a late pickup fee at $30/hr for the first half hour and $60/hr thereafter. Please also note that we will not allow anyone other than parents or people who are authorized by the parents to pick up their child. Grandparents or other relatives and guardians must be on the parent-approved list for pickups. We will call the authorities if you do not pick up your child within one hour of school closing.


Parents can drop their child any time during the school hours for which they are registered. We may offer flexibility in switching hours based on your needs and our availability. Please consult with the Director in advance of the requested change.

Holidays & Weather

Our school is closed on all major holidays, specifically when local municipality or local public schools are closed. In addition, we may close the school from time to time during inclement weather conditions for the safety of our staff, parents and children.

Personal Belongings

Parents must label all materials they send with their children. Please do not send toys with your child. Please do not send any food items with peanuts and/or pine nuts. All food items not consumed during the day will be thrown away. We have 2 refrigerators in the facility. Please keep your labeled perishable food items in the refrigerator.

Parent Conferences

We are available to meet with parents throughout the year. Please contact the Director in advance to ensure we make ourselves available at a convenient time for you.


We require complete immunization history records from your doctor's office. They are required to be updated periodically.


If any child displays any of the following symptoms, we require that the child be picked up within 1 hour. Once the symptoms or fever have subsided and after a period of at least 24 hours, the child may then return to the school. We reserve the right to request a written statement from the child’s doctor to ensure the child’s illness is no longer a threat to other children in the school. 1) Fever of 100 degrees or above, temperature taken under the arm. 2) Diarrhea or vomiting two or more times in the same day. 3) Difficult or rapid breathing. 4) Yellowish skin or eyes. 5) Pink eye. 6) Skin rash that has not been identified in writing by the child’s doctor. 7) Evidence of head lice or any other parasitic infection. 8) Sore throat or difficulty swallowing. 9) Other sicknesses that may be deemed contagious.

Children who develop these symptoms while in the school will be isolated in the office under the supervision of an adult until the parent arrives to pick up the child. Should any type of medication need to be administered by our staff, the parent will need to fill out a medication form, bring the medicine in the original container, make sure that it is age and weight appropriate for that child, and that it is not expired.


A waitlist is maintained and used to fill vacancies. While on the waitlist, parents will receive periodic updates on the status of any current and anticipated openings. When an opening becomes available, families on the waitlist may be notified. Priority will be given to siblings of children already enrolled and to families whose child care schedule most closely fits the available opening, on a first-come first-served basis.

Local Transportation

Parents are encouraged to talk to the local public school in Sparta to arrange for transportation from local school to Engle Day School for after-school care of their children. There is a scheduled bus stop at our location.


Our facility has a full kitchen. We will provide breakfast, lunch and snacks effective Spring 2018 to our full-time students. At that time, our tuition will include the cost of meals for full-time children only. We may be able to accommodate special dietary requirements. Please consult with the Director at the time of enrollment.


We reserve the right to terminate care in circumstances where we deem it is necessary to do so for any reason. Some examples include, among others: (a) parents do not pay their tuition on a timely basis, (b) behavioral issues with the child,(c) repeated late pick-ups by parents or authorized people even if parents pay the late pick-up fee, (d) child in need of special care (we are not equipped for special needs) and (e) other reasons not posted herein but as we deem necessary.
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