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Helping Hands...

Poverty, Homelessness...

Help us fight issues one at a time. We encourage you to visit This charitable organization was founded by a 14 year old kid. We will teach our children what giving means... It is helping and sharing with people who don't have what we have.

For every dollar of your donation at, we will match your contribution dollar for dollar up to $25 in any given calendar month. That's our promise.

Gifts for Kids

There is nothing that can make children happier than receiving gifts! Our own children used to get very excited on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Our kids went with us to buy us gifts. The only catch was that all of our gifts picked by our own children were kids' toys! When asked, one would say, "Mom, this is a great gift. Both you and I will be happy now!"

We respect kids' opinions. Regardless of the time of year, we provide stocking stuffers for children periodically.

In Support of Military

We offer fee assistance in the form of a percentage discount to active duty military families when childcare at their place of work does not exist, or if childcare is available but the family is waitlisted. We only need an employment verification letter from the personnel. In addition, from time to time, we offer additional subsidies and coupons.

Giving Back...

Giving back is not just about money. That is just one way to know and feel that you have done something for others. Giving back is also doing something with your own hands for others.

Volunteering goes a long way to help others. It has many benefits not just for the person receiving the benefit but also for the one who gives!

It gives us a sense of achievement and happiness.

It is truly a rewarding experience.

It is proven to have personal health benefits.

Your community and employers will have a good feeling about you.

So organize an event today and go out and help others in need. And don't forget to take your kids with you.

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